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Student Reviews

Joe L.


The experience to come out here is awesome! First off, the classes...if you are the type to learn hands on about your field this is the place for you! The book work you do is very minimal but at the same time they fit everything thing you need to know within the small time period you have here. Very well organized! The staff and instructors at the school are down to earth, helpful and very informative about the subject you are learning. Over all I’m very satisfied with my stay here and I’m happy to say my money went towards a great school!

Michael R.


Very happy that I chose ATS for my H.E., Crane, and CDL training and certifications. Feeling very qualified and prepared to get into the field and build a solid future for myself and my family. Not only have I gotten high quality and useful training, but I've also had a lot of fun doing it!

Edward J.


Great learning experience. Students were equipped with a base foundation and understanding of the construction/heavy equipment industry.

Tyler T.


Best thing I ever did! Great school, good instructors and great atmosphere.

Arthur M.


At first I didn't know what to expect. Then I met the instructors and they made it easier to understand the process and procedures. I thought I wouldn't get it, but with everyone's help, I breezed through it. I'm leaving here with knowledge I can use in my future endeavors.

Walter D.


Friendly, patient, knowledgeable staff, willing to stop what they were doing and the reason why - they enjoy working at ATS and are happy to teach and talk and share the knowledge in the career field.

Deyglis M.


Jamie was great in the field and classroom. He helped me out with the numbers, made it easy. He gave us math problems that were not part of the book in order to help us with understanding civil drawing and site layout. Joe did as well.


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